Who Am I?

My name is April Martella, which you probably already know by now if you looked at the URL. :-) I created this blog as a place to express all the billions of thoughts that race through my head on any given day. (I needed a place to jot down all my brilliant ideas….LOL)

I love to write. Always have. When I younger, just out of college, a friend and I used to write mile long emails every day. Not just ‘Hi, how are ya’ emails, really creative emails that, if you were to read them as an outsider looking in, made our lives sound incredibly exciting!

Since then, I have gotten away from writing, and at times struggle to gain the momentum needed to express my thoughts. I think life and all its busyness has  just taken a toll on my creativity. So, this blog is an attempt to bring my creativity back.

What Do I Do All Day?

I am a wife to a wonderful man…Paul…some of you may know him, and a mother of 2 incredible and amazing little boys. I am a stay at home mom. I have always wanted to be able to stay at home with my kiddos since before I even had kiddos, and am so very grateful to my husband for enabling me to do that.

Paul, what would I do with out you?

I spend my days cooking, changing diapers, giving baths, doing laundry, brushing little teeth, molding young hearts and minds, cleaning my house….sometimes…haha…., trying to beat exhaustion some days, and……blogging.

I do a lot more than the above mentioned, but you get the idea. Being a stay at home mom is way harder than I ever could have imagined. In fact, I would call it the hardest job I have ever had. You are much more emotionally invested and physically taxed. And need I mention you do’t get paid for it.

I wouldn’t have it any other way though. My family is my life and I am SO very blessed to have been given so much.

A Little More About Me

When it comes to this next area of my life, I boldly believe in full transparency. I am Christian, and I unapologetically confess my walk with the Lord and my firm belief that I follow Jesus.

From time to time, I may write about my faith and my experiences therein. It is because of HIM, and His never ending love for me that I can accomplish anything on a day to day basis, and I thank God every day for who He is, who He was, and who He will always be.

God has shown me and my family great grace and mercy, and I will always be forever thankful for His love. I speak proudly of the fact that I love the Lord.

Things I Really Really Love To Do

Since I had my children, my interests have drastically changed. It’s very strange actually. When I was younger, I thought sewing was the most boring thing in the world. After having my first son, I got really into sewing handbags and clutches, and now think it’s one of the coolest skills anyone could learn. I would love to someday learn how to make my own clothing.

I also have a newfound love of web design, blogging, and dabbling in ways to make money online. I have a few different blogs/websites, and though all of them may not be complete….I have a vision for each of them. Every once in a while, I will have a streak of genius, and come up with an awesome new website idea, but since since my children are still babies….my time is limited. BUT….I am building an online empire and ONE DAY….ONE DAY…..my sites will all be finished, complete with traffic and successful monetization!

Summing It Up

That’s me in a nutshell. At least all the important aspects of my life. Hopefully you enjoy my blog! Thanks for stopping by! :-)